Access NH Policy Brief: The Changing Dynamics of Hospital Care for Mental Illness & Substance Use in NH

Peter Antal, Ph.D.
31 pages
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The Access New Hampshire project is a joint research effort by representatives of the Institute on Disability, Disabilities Rights Center, Granite State Independent Living, New Hampshire Developmental Disabilities Council, the New Hampshire Department of Education, the New Hampshire Division of Behavioral Health, the New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services, and the Governor's Commission on Disability.  The project analyzes published reports as well as agency administrative data to help legislators, state and local agencies, and the broader public to understand the extent to which New Hampshire enables all its residents - particularly those living with some form of a disability - to live and participate in their communities.  To meet the needs of its citizens, half of which are likely to require some level of mental health care or treatment for substance use in their lifetime, it is critical that New Hampshire provides  a continuum of care that ensures appropriate levels of health care.  In this report, Peter Antal and the Institute on Disability reviewed New Hampshire hospital data; specifically, we looked at the characteristics and needs of persons diagnosed with mental health or substance use conditions who access hospital level care.