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Best Practices in Inclusive Education

Cheryl Jorgensen, PhD
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74 minutes

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How do you know if a child is truly being included? What does a fully inclusive classroom look like? When schools have embraced inclusion, how are they different from traditional schools? This webinar will describe 12 best practices in inclusive education and share a planning tool that can be used to identify “what’s going well” and “what needs improvement” at the student or school level. Research articles, book chapters, other readings, and compelling videos will be identified for parents and schools to read together to develop a shared understanding of inclusive education.

About the Presenter: Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen is an inclusive education consultant in private practice who specializes in student-specific consultation, team professional development, school-wide systems change, policy advocacy, and writing related to students with disabilities. Prior to her independent work, Cheryl was a project director with the UNH Institute on Disability and assistant research professor in UNH’s Education Department for 26 years.

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