INTELLIGENT LIVES and Related Products

Open doors to inclusive education and employment in your community! You can now purchase the INTELLIGENT LIVES Education Kit, as well as products created by people featured in the film: books by Marianne Leone Cooper and the Fialka-Feldman family, and exclusive prints of artwork by Naieer Shaheed.

The INTELLIGENT LIVES Education Kit is now available for purchase in DIGITAL or DVD format and can be used to host a free* screening of INTELLIGENT LIVES in your community and to participate in the film's dynamic impact campaign: Opening Doors to Inclusive Education and Employment.

Each version of INTELLIGENT LIVES includes:

  • The INTELLIGENT LIVES film (70 min.) with options for closed captioning and audio description
  • Four short films on effective practices in postsecondary transition, with open captioning
  • The nationally broadcast film MR. CONNOLLY HAS ALS, with options for closed captioning and audio description
  • Discussion guides and extensive educational materials

Kit pricing options:

  • For Early Childhood Programs, K-12 Schools, and Non-Profit Organizations: $145
  • For Colleges, Universities, Private Consultants, and For-Profit Organizations: $250


About the Film From award-winning filmmaker Dan Habib comes INTELLIGENT LIVES, a catalyst to transform the label of intellectual disability from a life sentence of isolation into a life of possibility for the most systematically segregated people in...