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Creating Inclusive Standards Based IEPs

Cheryl Jorgensen, PhD
Air-Date of Webinar:
67 minutes

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The adoption of the Common Core State Standards demands that we write Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) very differently from how we have in the past. This webinar will describe how IEPs can support students’ participation and progress in the general education curriculum, promote their inclusion in general education instruction, and help assure that the support they need are provided accurately and consistently. Excerpts from two exemplary IEPs—one for an elementary age student and one for a high school student—will be shared. Active roles for students as well as their parents in the development of their IEP will be emphasized.

About the Presenter: Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen is an inclusive education consultant in private practice who specializes in student-specific consultation, team professional development, school-wide systems change, policy advocacy, and writing related to students with disabilities. Prior to her independent work, Cheryl was a project director with the UNH Institute on Disability and assistant research professor in UNH’s Education Department for 26 years.

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