Early Edition: Expanding the Vision of Early Care and Education volume FOUR: Individual Supports for Young Children with Autism

Ann Dillon, Ph.D.
8 pages
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This informative 8 page newletter is written for parents, providers and administrators who are providing individualized supports for children with autism and their families. When you are lost in the woods, choosing the right path can be challenging. Choosing the right path or approach in supporting young children with autism that is just right for a particular child or family can be no less challenging.  The path is unique for each child and family, based on values, dreams, patience, support, etc.  It takes considerable time and energy to carefully consider the options to find an approach that matches child/family needs and prefrences.  Provided in this issue of Early Edition is information on a particular "path" of services and supports that has been promoted by the Jumpstart: Early Success with Autism project which include person centered planning, positive approaches to behavior change, incidental teaching, and family guided assessment and intervention.