Early Edition: Expanding the Vision of Early Care and Education Volume TWO: Supporting Children...Naturally

Statewide Systems Change Project & the Community Options Project
6 pages
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This 6 page newsletter is loaded with ideas for natural supports in IEP's, transportation and systems changes.  While natural supports are naturally available, they must be thoughtfully planned, intentionally facilitated, and consistently evaluated.  Using natural supports does not mean simply letting nature take its course.  Instead, it means looking for ways a child's individual support needs can be met in natural ways.  Using natural supports needs can be met in natural ways.  Using natural supports does not mean that children won't receive unique, more specialized individual supports they need.  Natural supports are powerful, enduring, life-enhancing supports, especially for children and adults with disabilities.  With energy directed toward learning and living in typical environments, taking advantage of natural supports comes...well...naturally!