Lost in Laconia Education Kit: For Colleges, Universities, Private Consultants, and For Profit Organizations

Written & Produced by Gordon Dubois, Directed, Edited and Produced by Bil Rogers
67 minutes

During a time when people who were branded and stigmatized as "feebleminded" and a danger to society were banished to a life of isolation and total segregation, thousands of children and adults were institutionalized in large state operated institutions throughout the country. In the case of New Hampshire, that place was the Laconia State School. This documentary traces the history of the institution from its initial beginnings as the New Hampshire School for the Feebleminded in the early 1900's until its closure in 1991.

Using archival footage and current interviews with former residents of the institution, families of former residents, and people who worked at the institution, along with an extensive collection of photos, newspaper articles, and state documents, this documentary examines the social values and cultural ideals of the twentieth century, relative to individuals and families who were labeled "feebleminded", deficient, or disabled in New Hampshire.

It was imperative that the story be told by the people who best knew Laconia State School: the people who lived and worked there. This is their story.

This Education Kit contains:

  • 1 DVD of Lost in Laconia licensed for educational, instructional and institutional use;
  • 1 29-page full color educational guide
  • the license for instructional and institutional use
  • the rights for free (no admission fees) public screenings

The DVD features extras including:

  • Lost in Laconia trailers
  • The Chemung
  • A word with writer and producer, Gordon DuBois

Educational Guide:

by Gordon DuBois, Community Support Network, Inc.

In collaboration with : New Hampshire Department of Education and University of New Hampshire- Institute on Disability/UCED

  • Discussion questions for before and after viewing the film
  • History of the Laconia State School
  • Supplemental materials including: Impact on Families, A Superintendent's Reflections by Jack Melton, Laconia State School Closing Ceremonies Speech by Freda Smith, My Life at Laconia State School by Rheal Laforest, former resident
  • Credits, References, and Resources
  • and more!

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