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Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Transactional Developmental Perspective

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Amy M. Wetherby & Barry M. Prizant, Eds.
393 pages

This cross-disciplinary reference edited by Amy M. Wetherby and Barry M. Prizant offers a thorough overview of the communication, language, social, and behavioral issues characteristic of autism spectrum disorders.  Based on meticulous research in the core areas of ASDs- communication, socialization, emotional regulation, and symbolic development- the authors offer practical guidelines for intervention designed for children with autism and their families.  In this comprehensive book, speech-language pathologists, clinicians, early interventionists, psychologists, and educators learn how to:

  • Understand and address the social and communication challenges experienced by children with autism.
  • Enhance assessment and intervention methods.
  • Support families in their efforts to facilitate their children's development.

Chapters in this volume, written by leading clinical and research authorities in autism spectrum disorders, will provide readers with an understanding of the principles and philosophies behind clinical and educational practices implemented with children with autism.  Readers will also find guidelines to use when making critical assessment and intervention decisions to create more natural, child-centered supports.  All professionals will learn how to improve their educational and developmental supports for yound children with autism.

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