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Handbook of Evidence Based Practices for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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Edited by:
Hill M. Walker and Frank M. Gresham
JoAnne Malloy, PhD
622 pages


This authoritative volume provides state-of-the-art practices for supporting the approximately 20% of today's K-12 students who have emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) that hinder school success. Leading experts present evidence-based approaches to screening, progress monitoring, intervention, and instruction within a multi-tiered framework. Coverage encompasses everything from early intervention and prevention to applications for high-risk adolescents. Exemplary programs are described for broad populations of EBD students as well as those with particular disorders, including autism spectrum disorders and externalizing behavior problems. The book combines theory and research with practical information on how to select interventions and implement them with integrity.


"Edited by two giants in the field, this handbook is logically organized into relevant sections, with thorough coverage ranging from educational interventions to genetic factors. Critical strengths include a focus on research foundations and evidence-based practices and a clear discussion of what is and is not known about this population. Chapter authors", including the IOD's own JoAnne Malloy, "are outstanding scholars in their specialties. Far superior to other edited volumes in this area in terms of organization, coverage, and author quality, the Handbook is a 'must buy' for specialists in behavior disorders and challenges."--Dan Reschly, PhD, Department of Special Education, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

"Walker and Gresham have provided a major gift to the field. Leading experts on EBD present the foundations and specific intervention guidance needed by teachers, school psychologists, administrators, and researchers. The field of special education is changing--multi-tiered systems of support and integrated approaches to linking mental health, academic instruction, and behavioral intervention are now expected. This handbook defines the best science for assisting children with EBD and their families, while also addressing the organizational variables and data systems necessary to deliver this science. An impressive accomplishment."--Robert H. Horner, PhD, Alumni-Knight Endowed Professor of Special Education, University of Oregon

"While every educator now recognizes the importance of evidence-based practices with all students, busy K-12 practitioners do not have the time to read all the literature, separate research from opinion, and further separate quality research from the rest. That distillation process has been done for us by Walker and Gresham in this invaluable handbook. The volume provides an indispensable roadmap and travel guide to the implementation of best practices. When implemented well, these practices can transform the trajectories of our most challenging-to-teach students."--Randy Sprick, PhD, Director, Safe and Civil Schools

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