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Joyful Learning

Alice Udvari-Solner & Paula Kluth
160 pages

 Create a classroom that is truly responsive to all diverse learners!

This accessible resource by Alice Udvari-Solner & Paula Kluth for K–12 inclusive classrooms helps teachers create an environment for active and collaborative learning that encourages and supports all students, including those who may have marked differences in ability, need, language, culture, and/or learning profile. Promoting the concept that learners with differing abilities can learn side by side, this book illustrates how to use a practical, differentiated approach to help develop every student's abilities.

Joyful Learning presents a range of strategies that can be used at both the elementary and secondary levels to engage students in discussion, debate, creative thinking, questioning, and teamwork. Providing classroom-tested examples, specific guidelines, and reproducibles, the book provides tools for teachers to:

  • Promote relationship building and interdependence
  • Help students teach one another as they make discoveries about course content
  • Support learners in preparing for assessments
  • Engage in whole-class learning while assisting students who need personalized instruction
  • Assess learner understanding and celebrate growth

This versatile book can also be used as a co-planning tool by general and special education professionals working with occupational therapists, speech clinicians, and physical therapists to effectively support all students, including English Language Learners and learners with disabilities.


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