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Like Color to the Blind: Soul Searching & Soul Finding

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Donna Williams
First Edition Hardcover:
290 pages

ISBN 978-0812-926-408 First Edition, some wear due to age

Donna Williams is a woman with autism who learned to differentiate between and name her emotions for the first time in her mid-twenties. Readers are taken on a journey through which they will view the universal experience of love in a wholly new way.  Donna, who spent most of her life closing love out, offers an intimate diary of the process of letting it in amid her ongoing struggle with autism. She chronicles her unconventional relationship with Ian, a man with difficulties similar to her own, and their efforts to break through their emotional and autistic barriers to admit and live with their feelings for one another.  This book is an insightful, gutsy, and often humorous commentary on the universal experience of discovering one's true self, and learning to make choices based not on the opinions of others or media images, but on one's core values.

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