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Now I See the Moon: A Mother, a Son, a Miracle

Elaine Hall
304 pages

When her son, Neal, was diagnosed with autism, former Hollywood acting coach Elaine Hall took matters into her own hands and used her resources to guide him toward an increasingly independent life.  In the process, she founded The Miracle Project, a groundbreaking organization that uses the performing arts to connect with children with autism.  Both controversial and unorthodox, Hall's innovative approach has been praised by leaders in the field of autism, including Temple Grandin, Barry Prizant, and Dr. Stanley Greenspan.  She was also the subject of the Emmy Award-winning documentary Autism: The MusicalNow I See the Moon  is a story only a mother can tell.

“Now I See the Moon provides insightful ways to teach and work with individuals with autism and severe disabilities. It will give parents great hope.” Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures

“Many books about autism are either instructive but clinical, inspiring but not informative. Now I See The Moon is that rare combination: it reads like an inspirational tale, yet it educates and advances important issues. Elaine is at once a guide, a counselor, an educator, and a truly inspiring mom.” Erik Linthorst, Director of the film Austistic-Like: Graham's Story

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