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Solutions for Easier Living Located in Your Neighborhood

Therese Willkomm, Ph.D., ATP
17 pages
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Did you know there are literally thousands of assistive technology solutions located within 20 miles of your home?  Today, more and more local businesses carry solutions for easier living for all.  The purpose of this document is to share examples of these solutions that can be found in department stores, hardware stores, office supply stores and electronic stores in your community. 

Solutions for Easier Livingidentified in this document has been arranged into the following categories:

  • Back saving solutions
  • One handed solutions
  • Solutions to reduce slips and falls
  • Reaching solutions
  • Solutions for low vision
  • Solutions for gripping difficulty
  • Solutions for easier remembering and learning
  • Solutions for wheelchair access
  • Solutions for hearing loss
  • Tools and materials for contructing solutions in minutes

How to use this document:  As you will see under each category in this document only a picture of the product and the name is provided.  The name may be a trademark of the company that produced the product; said company is independent of, and not affiliated with, the University of New Hampshire or the author.  To learn more about that item you can research it on the internet by placing the word in a search engine (such as Google) or print and take the document to the store or origin and ask where the item is located. 


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